How venture investing is changing

Technology Commercialization

There is a substantial increase in actionable intellectual property being created across the globe, and a lack of persons to connect the dots between idea and thriving business. 

Public and private entities are licensing technology and code bases to people and industries that have flourished due to the reallocation of technological infrastructure.

Data and audiences
leveraged as an asset

We no longer live in an age where money, time, and energy, are the only resources. Data and communities have newfound power over the public, and that is creating a shift in the venture world.

Investment vehicles that are not leveraging operational data and market intelligence will be left in the past.

Investment performance is
no longer a guessing game

Key drivers and metrics of industries allow investors to track a companies performance with empirical data. The standards, and procedures that support those outcomes give a tangible foundation to the story told on a profit and loss statement.

Analyzing entire industry supply-chains, Cloud Nine has the opportunity to remain on the forefront of innovation in our portfolio markets.

Strategic Introductions can setup 7 figure pipelines and validate startups

One thoughtful handshake can instantly change the annual recurring revenue of a company. 

Identifying the key channel partners, and influencers within a target demographic can quickly create traction in relationship building efforts and validate a startups entire business model.


problems we see

Most Investors are Sitting
on the Sidelines

Once cash is infused into the business, investors tend to sit on the sidelines waiting for entrepreneurs to do all the work. They sit there waiting for the quarterly report, and lean into entrepreneurs when they don’t do what they were told.

The Market is too

The market ebbs and flows. For every bet for a company, there’s a bet against a company - both in public and private equities. Investors are always trying to decrease uncertainty and mitigate risk by reading others and reacting to their moves.

Intellectual Property

Innovations coming out of the public ecosystems are common, but commercialization of those innovations is sparse. Tech transfer offices are hungry to partner with entrepreneurs who can monetize the innovations that are sitting in the basements across the country.

How We're Solving Those Problems

  • Enterprise Value: When commercializing emergent technologies, we focus on vision, culture, strategy, and implementation. We’re able to calculate the proposed enterprise value, and reverse engineer that outcome to develop optimized standard operating procedures. Valuable and sustainable companies are built upon a proven playbook.
  • Participation: While most investors are focused on passive investing, we’re only interested in active investing. We aren’t just sitting, waiting for the investment to hit our hurdle rate. We’re all in, working with the entrepreneurs to make sure that targets and timelines are on track.
  • Market Stability: Our team is only making investments that have certainty around channel partners, pipeline, and return on equity. We’re invested in markets that will last decades. We’re not interested in following the short term market dynamics that bring most investors on a roller coaster ride.
  • Channel Partners: We connect the dots on pipeline and production before investment is made so that our team can hit the ground running. It's crucial to secure the relationships going into a deal, instead of praying for them on the back end.

our special sauce

Most investors in the 21st century are playing the same game.

They are not tied to a location, and oftentimes, an industry. Most investors are location and industry agnostic. They are not concerned about access to capital. Most investors know that the capital will always be there for the right deal.

And in this regard, we are exactly like most investors.

But, the thing that most investors are not willing to do is business development. They are not willing to roll up their sleeves, put in the hours, hit the phones, and bring in those key relationships.

Most investors sit up in their office waiting for their returns. They will criticize every miss step an entrepreneur takes. But, most of all, they will play mind games with their entrepreneurs and LP’s.

When something goes wrong, you’ll find most investors pointing their finger at someone or something.

The team at Cloud Nine Capital is committed to working both in the business and on the business. If we want an outcome, we go and get it. You’ll be hard pressed to find that type of work ethic and fortitude within the investment community.

We’ve wasted our time working investors who only brought money to the table.

Money is everywhere, and if the only thing an investor can provide is money, then chances are the investor is under-resourced in every other area of their lives.

This is part of the reason investors and entrepreneurs enjoy working with the team at Cloud Nine Capital. We are not waiting, hoping, or wishing that our projections will materialize. The team is focused on growing businesses with a calculated, resourceful, and outcome driven strategy.

This is how we’ve been able to develop deep relationships with industry leaders, investors, and advisors.

Below are the Core Codes of Cloud Nine Capital. These are the values we’ve held that allow us to deeply connect with the top investors, entrepreneurs, and advisors across industries.

TL;DR - Cloud Nine Capital goes the extra mile, period.

Nine Core codes


Competency is not about knowing what to do every step of the way, it’s about being resourceful enough to figure it out. Capable people always win.


Authenticity is all about the trustworthiness between parties to know that the truth is all that matters. It’s a rare commodity in the age of social media.


Momentum is a byproduct of hyper awareness, and continuous energy toward a specific result. Most businesses die due to a lack of momentum.


When we are thoughtful and meticulous, our work is done once, and done right. This increases efficiency, fulfilment and momentum in team environments. A conscientious team creates the foundation for success.


By creating a dynamic understanding of investment vehicles, business models, and customer demographics, we can develop a keen sense of all possible outcomes.


The world, humans, and business, are all interconnected beings that have an inseparable link. Decisions are made according to the ripple effect they create across organizations.


When we make decisions based on knowledge and reason, we create a space that removes the organized social and corporate constructs that have been impressed upon us.


When moving in the same direction; thoughts, emotions, and actions give us the space to tap into our best selves. When teams are aligned, momentum is created.


Managing positive and sustainable change will have ripple effects across the economic, political, social, and environmental spectrum. Driving these reforms is our civic duty.

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