Bridging The Physical

And Digital Worlds

Sustainable Innovation

The future of every industry will rely upon sustainable physical and digital systems to ensure success. Companies across market sectors are looking for solutions to evangelize a new generation consumers and employees. Cloud Nine Capital is working with advanced technologies that solve big problems for big companies.

Foundational Technologies

The evolution of humanity comes down to a handful of innovations. Boats, cars, and planes were innovations in mobility. Cement, steel, and wood were innovations in construction. While computers and softwares created the digital infrastructure that supports all of todays industries.

We focus on the physical and the digital problems that exist at the foundation of our human experience, and develop the most sustainable and scalable solutions.  

Sustainable Supply Chains

The digital world is reliant on the ability to send, receive, and store data. Our team has focused on the reduction of the storage, bandwidth, energy, and computing resources necessary to store and move big data.

The physical world is reliant on the ability to source a lot of materials at a low price. Our team has focused on creating reliable industrial hemp supply chains to help manufacturers create stronger lighter, cheaper, and more sustainable products.

Tech Commercialization

Since hemp can be utilized to build just about anything around us, we are always looking for innovations in manufacturing and materials that can shift industry dynamics.

Since the digital world is the bedrock of modern business, we are always looking at data modification systems that impact multiple marketplaces. Cloud Nine Capital is focused on bridging the gap between technology innovation in the digital and physical worlds. 

Solving The Problems

Corporations need sustainable solutions to their physical and digital problems. This means that continuous flow technologies that allow for the largest throughput will solve the digital and physical problems that will plague companies across market sectors.

Cloud Nine Capital’s portfolio companies are creating turn-key sustainable solutions for companies that use lots of data and materials. Our technologies will create the physical and digital foundation for the largest companies for decades to come.

We Focus On Commercializing Technology That Solves Large Problems For Global Industries

Innovation's Foundation

The core of innovation comes from problem solving. In modern days, it’s no secret that problems exist in the physical or digital world. Our team is working with technologies that reduce the resources needed to scale. By putting sustainability first, we are ensuring that the innovation can be replicated across supply chains.

Physical World

Cloud Nine Capital is interested in the materials and manufacturers that are creating sustainable innovations for the products of the future.

Digital World

Cloud Nine Capital is interested in the programs that create the framework for how data is acquired, managed, stored, deployed, and visualized.

Cloud Nine Capital Founds & Funds Innovations Across Advanced Materials And Technology.

Join Us As We Lay The Foundation For Sustainable Change Across Industries And Geographies

The Team

Jesse Henry

Managing Partner

Previous lead @ Intersection Capital and Tony Robbins. Jesse is the CEO of Heartland Industries, focused on partnerships.

Timothy Almond

Managing Partner

Expertise in IP Discovery, integration, and growth. Tim is heading corporate and scientific strategy for all projects.

Robby Dameron

Managing Partner

Extensive experience managing diverse sales teams and selling clients enterprise products and services with multi-million dollar quotas.

Our Teams Main Focus

Heartland Industries provides hemp-based additives for American manufacturers who want to make higher quality end products. We are creating a reliable supply chain of hemp materials that can be leveraged by manufacturers across market sectors.

Our flagship facility in Detroit Michigan will be built to process over 1,400,000 pounds of hemp every day. At scale, this facility will remove over 2,000,000 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere on a daily basis.

Almost everything that can be seen or touched is made from plastics, metals, woods, textiles, resins, or concrete. Infusing hemp into these existing raw materials allows manufacturers to make stronger, lighter, cheaper, and more sustainable products.

Click below to join us on the journey of making a world out of hemp.

Sustainable Supply Chain Technology Commercialization Is The Catalyst To Global Change

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