How venture investing is Changing

Wants vs Needs

We’re in the business of working with companies who provide foundational infrastructure and commerce. The most valuable companies create a sustainable business model based upon customers who need a product. This makes our focus less susceptible to the random wants of a consumer. 

Businesses either provide a pain killer or a multivitamin to their customers. Consumer brands are the multivitamins, technology in the supply chain is the pain killer that businesses need. 


There is a substantial increase in actionable intellectual property being created across the globe, and a lack of people capable in connecting the dots between idea, product, and pipeline. 

Public and private entities are licensing intellectual property and code bases to people in industries that can reallocate the resources for obscure use cases within different market sectors.

The few industries that
touch all industries

There are some industries that are foundational to human existence. 

Transportation, Finance, Agriculture, Mining, Data. These are just a few of the industries we rely on every day.

Our team designs philosophically new technology by finding bottlenecks in these markets, reverse engineering solutions, and executing scalable business models. Our focus is the intersection of supply chains.


We no longer live in an age where money, time, and energy, are the only resources. Data and communities have become highly malleable and leverageable resources to move markets. 

Every great investment vehicle is created with the proper governance: including company leadership, employees, channel partners, and customers. Hardworking and coachable people with unique technology is what drives our value proposition.


problems we see

Most Investors Sit on the Sidelines Waiting

Once cash is infused into the business, investors tend to sit on the sidelines waiting for entrepreneurs to do all the work. They sit there waiting for the quarterly report, and lean into entrepreneurs when they don’t do what they were told.

Shiny Object

Everyone wants the consumer brands, because they make the most noise. But behind that brand is a whole supply chain. The brand is sexy and the supply chain is the ugly step sister. This creates an opportunity for sustainable investments.

Intellectual Property

Innovations coming out of the public ecosystems are common, but commercialization of those innovations is sparse. Tech transfer offices are hungry to partner with entrepreneurs who can monetize the innovations that are sitting dormant.

How We're Solving Those Problems

1. Find intellectual property around how things are grown, processed, tested, transported, and secured.



2. Connect uncommercialized technology to pipeline.



3. Fill in operational and advisory gaps that arise as companies integrate new business models and technologies.

Cloud Nine Core codes


Competency is not about knowing what to do every step of the way, it’s about being resourceful enough to figure it out. Capable people always win.


Authenticity is all about the trustworthiness between parties to know that the truth is all that matters. It’s a rare commodity in the age of social media.


Momentum is a byproduct of hyper awareness, and continuous energy toward a specific result. Most businesses die due to a lack of momentum.


When we are thoughtful and meticulous, our work is done once, and done right. This increases efficiency, fulfilment and momentum in team environments. A conscientious team creates the foundation for success.


By creating a dynamic understanding of investment vehicles, business models, and customer demographics, we can develop a keen sense of all possible outcomes.


The world, humans, and business, are all interconnected beings that have an inseparable link. Decisions are made according to the ripple effect they create across organizations.


When we make decisions based on knowledge and reason, we create a space that removes the organized social and corporate constructs that have been impressed upon us.


When moving in the same direction; thoughts, emotions, and actions give us the space to tap into our best selves. When teams are aligned, momentum is created.


Managing positive and sustainable change will have ripple effects across the economic, political, social, and environmental spectrum. Driving these reforms is our civic duty.

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